Generators for :

  • Pumps for water irrigation or extraction with generator and inverter support.
  • Engine rooms for: pools, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • Pressure units – systems.
  • Electrical motors 0,5Hp to 200Hp, construction of automation, control and startup panels.
  • Generators: automatic start – stop, placements, installations, switching panels, periodic checks of automatic startup, maintenance, damage repair.
  • Automation panels: study, design, construction.
  • Panels of automatic pumps switching, circular switching.
  • Voltage reduction adaptors.
  • Soft starters for large charge-staring motors.
  • Damage repair for electrical panels. We replace: thermic, electronic float stops, breakers, sensors, magnetothermic switches, adaptors, relays, automatic switches.
  • Fire extinguishing units: Installation – delivery, periodic startup checks, maintenance, damage repair.
  • Generators linking.

24-hour technical support for individuals and businesses

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